University of Maryland School of Law


Spring 2012

LAW 504D: Commercial Law: Sales and Sales Financing
LAW 530B: Comparative Constitutional Law Seminar: Constitutions and Crisis
LAW 540F: Counseling & Negotiation
LAW 513S: Fourth Circuit Decisions
LAW 520D: Journal

Fall 2011

LAW 501B: Administrative Law
LAW 541Q: Comparative Jurisprudence: Transcultural Perspectives
LAW 580F: Family Law
LAW 579B: Externship (U.S. Attorney’s Office)
LAW 520: Journal

Spring 2011

LAW 501: Professional Responsibility & Practice**
LAW 578: Evidence
LAW 525: Immigration Clinic**
LAW 520: Journal

Fall 2010

LAW 502: International Human Rights Seminar
LAW 511: Advanced Legal Research: Int’l Law**
LAW 515: Criminal Procedure
LAW 525: Immigration Clinic**
LAW 529: Constitutional Law II (Individual Rights)*
LAW 520: Journal

Spring 2010

LAW 503: International Law
LAW 528: Constitutional Law I (Governance)*
LAW 534: Property*
LAW 550: Introduction to Legal Research*
LAW 551: Written and Oral Advocacy*
LAW 558: Contracts II*

Fall 2009

LAW 506: Criminal Law*
LAW 527: Civil Procedure*
LAW 531: Legal Analysis and Writing*
LAW 535: Torts*
LAW 554: Introduction to Contracts*

*Core course
**Meets requirement: Legal Professionalism, Advanced Legal Research, Cardin Requirement