Andrew has a longstanding interest in development issues, including policy, planning, design, and financing.

Experience in Maryland

At Enterprise Homes, Andrew conducted an in-depth analysis of the operating costs and development costs for several Enterprise rental properties. He researched and reported on the potential for Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) allocations in states other than Maryland, recent changes to federal regulations on utility allowances for LIHTC projects, and the potential for funding through a particular Maryland program. Andrew became involved in Enterprise’s ongoing search for new business opportunities as well. He conducted initial market studies using Census data, searched for land to develop, and searched for nonprofit organizations with which Enterprise could partner. On the construction side, he “punchlisted” units in a new apartment building.

At the Montgomery County Department of Housing and Community Affairs, Andrew helped administer the landmark Moderately Priced Dwelling Unit Program and helped develop the regulations associated with the new Workforce Housing law. As part of his responsibilities with the new law, he researched similar programs from across the world and reported on his findings.

Experience at Vassar College

Andrew was closely involved in development at Vassar College.

As the Student Assistant to the President and Dean of the College for Special Projects, he developed a comprehensive transportation plan for the College that balanced financial limitations with transportation needs and borrowed from peer institutions’ best practices.

Andrew served two elected terms as a student member of the Campus Master Planning Committee. In that and related roles, he successfully advocated for students by working cooperatively with faculty, staff, and administrators.

Andrew represented students on the Board of Trustees Special Committee on the Juliet and Arlington, which seeks to leverage Vassar’s real estate holdings in the business district neighboring Vassar’s campus in order to improve the overall health of the district.

Andrew served as the Vassar Student Association’s point person on the series of upcoming student housing renovations. Under Andrew’s leadership, the student government successfully lobbied for the construction of new “swing space” housing and changes to the Davison House renovation plans.


Andrew wrote his undergraduate thesis in the field of urban economics. Andrew has also taken courses in property law, urban planning, urban economics, and architecture.