Andrew Mark Bennett

lawyer / doctoral candidate, "Human Rights under Pressure" (HR-UP), Freie Universität Berlin. (jewish) (critical) theory of law and armed conflict.


Ph.D. candidate (Law), Freie Universität Berlin
Fellow, Human Rights Under Pressure-Ethics, Law, and Politics
Dissertation: Wilderness as a Concept of Legal Theory

J.D., University of Maryland School of Law 

A.B. (Economics), Vassar College 
Thesis: Local Government Structure in U.S. Metropolitan Areas 


On Wearing the Kippa in Public – and in Public Service
questioning Germany’s paper-thin solidarity with Jews
Verfassungsblog (May 28, 2019)

These and Those – But Definitely not Those!
on demarcating the boundary of the nomos
The Lehrhaus (June 19, 2017)

Trump v. National Security Facts
on the potentially debilitating judicial consequences of Trump’s bullshit
Lawfare (Jan. 19, 2017) 

Unpaid Internships & the Department of Labor: The Impact of Underenforcement of the Fair Labor Standards Act on Equal Opportunity
on enforcing minimum wage laws against employers of interns
11 Univ. of Md. Law Journal of Race, Religion, Gender & Class 293 (2011)


andrewmarkbennett AT gmail DOT com 

+972 55 270 4112

+1 410 929 2439